How can Take Benefits of All Verification API with no Extra charges?

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30-01-2023 11:48:25
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Verification of identity holds high significance in many businesses. The banking, insurance, real estate, travel and hospitality, manufacturing, and IT sector requires KYC to prevent fraud or other complications. The customer due diligence or CDD procedures has made it mandatory to verify customers for all regulated industry sectors. It can prevent identity theft and fraudulent activities. Manual verification of the details consumes more time and effort. Instead, using a verification API can automate the documentation process and seamless onboarding of customers. It prevents hassles linked in the client verification journey. When your business has the API to verify customers, it can boost efficiency and productivity. Using the API for verification can help an organization or an individual verify the identity provided in the document on digital platforms. Due to the availability of various types of IDs in India, you can validate the KYC using different APIs. You can also access the best API that can validate various IDs with ease. Integrating the API for verifying KYC has become a convenient and fast tool for any business to complete the process without hassles.

Take Benefits of All Verification API with no Extra charges

About All Verification API

A verification API can complete the process of verifying the identity of a business or a customer without errors. API to verify your clients can allow document authentication and verification of the identity of the person. It is an easy and quick option to validate the credentials of customers or verify the authenticity of the identity proofs on real-time APIs. The API for verification can validate if the business or person exists. It can avoid fraudulent activities, identity theft, false authorizations, financial crimes, and money laundering.

Installing API can provide secured KYC verification. You can access solutions complying with the regulations that can ensure streamlining of KYC documentation while managing the risk. The absence of manual intervention reduces documentation errors.

Various APIs To Verify Identity

You can access various types of APIs that can verify the identity of individuals or businesses. The API can act as an interface to complete the KYC verification within a few minutes without issues. Verification API comes in two various categories depending on the API’s end users.

·   Individual Verification API

As the name suggests, it verifies individual identity. So, you can use the API to validate your employees, clients, or freelancers. The API can accept documents like Aadhaar, PAN, Voter Id, Passport, or other personal documents to authenticate the person. You can also complete individual verification using the bank account.

·   Business Verification API

It is the API used to verify the details of a business. You can assess the validity of vendors, partner businesses, distributors, and suppliers using the API. The business validation APIs access Udyog's Aadhaar number, CIN/DIN, and GST for verification.

The Benefits of API From A Reputed API Provider Company

When you get the API from a trusted and reputed API provider company, you can access an interface making it easier to complete KYC verification digitally within a few minutes. Using the API to verify offers convenience. It is a fast process securely. The customer needs to provide a few details to complete the verification.

·  Real-time Verification Using All Verification API

ALL verification API can complete processes in real time. It can help your business authenticate a person without room for errors. It also prevents the chances of identity theft. You may face no time delay in verifying the identity of a person.

·   Instant Onboarding

The API can create accelerated validation workflows. Hence, it can offer a chance for seamless and hassle-free onboarding.

·   Fast and Secure Authentication

When you gain access to the API from the Best API Provider Company in India, it completes the verification process without depending on third parties. So, it improves the speed of the process without security concerns. The API can mitigate cyber threats due to integrating a firewall. It also prevents fraudulent activities.

·   Improved Efficiency of Business

Easy onboarding can improve your business’s productivity. The seamless KYC process will enhance the efficiency of your business.

Accessing the Best API Provider Company in India

To access the benefits of the Verification API, you must get the services of the best platform. Softcare Infotech has established itself as the ideal platform with an expert team to develop APIs meeting the specific client. The high-speed and appealing features of the API can meet user satisfaction. The attractive features include:

Good Commission Opportunity

Businesses operating in rural areas try to attract customers to it with new features. Installing the ALL verification API can make the business more appealing to people. You can complete the verification process without delay. It means your clients can access your services without hassles. Also, you can provide verification services to others to get a commission. When you integrate the API with your existing website, it can make your business visible. As the web traffic increases, you can meet your business goals without issues.

 24x7 Support by The API Provider Company

Softcare Infotech develops API code that functions smoothly. The dedicated customer service team tries to provide guidance to address complications arising during the operation of API. A technically sound team can offer support to deal with issues without delay. All the users can have a seamless experience.

A Highly Technical Team

Softcare Infotech has a team of experienced and technically-updated professionals using sophisticated tools to develop a highly functional API. The various features integrated into the API can provide the users with the best experience. The expert team of designers and developers can provide customized solutions to meet specific challenges of your business.  The professional approach of the team can ensure you get the ideal API for your business demands.

Softcare Infotech is the best API provider company in India with an experienced team offering the best solutions to clients. Your business can get customized solutions to help you gain an edge in the competitive space. The use of the latest and most sophisticated technology ensures you get feature-rich API. Softcare Infotech tries to focus on the needs and concerns of the clients. Hence, a dedicated customer support team tries to provide support and solutions to address issues faced by clients. Get in touch with the dedicated team to get an API that will offer verification services to your customers to increase your business reach. Improve your business sales and generate revenue with enhanced online visibility by installing the feature-rich API.

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