How to verify a Driving License with Driving License Verification API and What does DL verification API actually do?

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03-01-2023 11:05:37
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The transport field has registered growth in recent years. In India, people have started to rely on private transport more compared to public options. It means you can see more and more people buying two-wheelers and four-wheelers on the road. But, many people drive without a driving license resulting in accidents. Unlicensed drivers and underage kids accessing vehicles can result in such mishaps. A driving license can help minimize road accidents as it allows qualified drivers to drive vehicles. How can you know if a person has the eligibility to drive? It becomes easier to detect using a driving license verification API. You can check a person’s eligibility by uploading the driving license details and verifying its authenticity. The API can return error-free information within no time.

DL API can also help financial institutions to verify a customer’s credentials without hassles. The API makes the process of assessing the KYC (Know Your Customer) to authenticate the credentials. It is a safe and secure option compared to offline driving license verification. NBFCs (Non-Banking Financial Companies) and banks rely on the KYC documents of the customers to verify their credentials. The manual process increases the risk of error and takes more time. Using the API, you can make the process easier and simpler.

Verify DL details with Driving license Verification API


About DL Verification API

The DL verification API offers an easier method to validate the authenticity of a driver. You can enter the driving license number of a person in the API. The verification of the data entered occurs using the API and you can access the results. The API can verify the driving license using the unique license number or the photo of the user. You can upload the phone that gets scanned by an AI-based DL OCR (Optical Character Recognition). Use the API to verify your driving license without hassles. But, you must access the assistance of the best platform with experts to develop API to meet your satisfaction. In the age of digitalization, everyone looks for quick online solutions to save time and effort.

The Best DL Verification API

Softcare Infotech can access the best DL verification API to ensure a quick, efficient, and easy onboarding procedure. It allows verification of the customer online. It increases efficiency and promotes workflow. The reputed platform with a team of experts can promote an easy verification process and offer the following features to your business:

Real-Time Secure Verification

By integrating the API, you can complete real-time verification securely. It avoids errors or copying other person’s identities due to the presence of image-based verification or live-video call for the verification process.

Flexible Features

The DL verification API from Softcare Infotech easily incorporates into the existing portal for an easy KYC verification procedure. The verification process takes a few minutes. It is a safe method to validate the identity of the customer without errors or gaps.

Enable Status Tracking

The driving license verification API from Softcare Infotech can track the status of their KYC application and other transactions using the dashboard.

Softcare Infotech has a team of professionals with design and development experience to develop APIs customized to meet client requirements. You can use the API to expand your business.


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