What is Voter ID Verification API and How Does it Work?

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21-01-2023 12:17:53
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India values its democracy. Hence, the citizens of the country have the power to vote for their leader. To maintain transparency in voting, the Election Commission of India issues voter IDs. This card acts as the identification document during the election. A voter ID can also come in handy while applying for loans from banks, and investments, and accessing various Government financial aid or initiatives. Due to its high significance in verifying the identity of a person, many scammers generate fake voter ID cards. Therefore, businesses and financial institutions must verify the voter identification card before they approve the request of the person. Verification includes authenticating the name, age, and address of the customers provided on the voter ID card. Earlier, verification of the voter ID required a lot of time. If your business requires verification of voter ID, you can complete it without hassles using Voter card Verification API.

Best Voter ID Verification API Provider

About Voter ID Verification API

Voter ID has legality in the country due to the Election Commission in India issuing it. The authorized document may serve its purpose to identify a person. Hence, it can work as an ideal identity proof for a person in the government and private sectors. The high significance of government-issued documents has increased the risk of scammers duplicating the document. Therefore, a business or government sector has to verify the authentic nature of the voter ID to avoid theft or fraud. When you want to complete KYC (Know Your Customer) for business purposes and complete credit underwriting, the manual process can become time-consuming and hectic. Manual collection of documents such as income proof, bank statements, biometric authentication, and validating election ID card can become hassles for lenders and borrowers. It can lead to a loss of time to complete the process and the overall cost of the operation.

Manual verification can also increase the risk of fraud. To reduce the time taken to verify address proof and forgery using the Voter ID verification API India. You can access the API to complete the verification process without room for error. It will save you time and money. The use of API to verify your voter ID can benefit the customers and your business.

How Voter ID Verification API India Works?

A Voter Verification API can act as an interface that helps you authenticate the voter ID card provided. You can complete the authentication of an individual’s voter ID card within no time using the API. The API can authenticate the voter ID card with the highest accuracy. Every voter ID card comes with a unique number. It is known as EPIC (Electors Photo Identification Card) number. You can enter the number using the API and it collects the information from the backend or the central database. After verification of the EPIC number, you can access the results using the API to check the validity of a client. It is a simple process that anyone can try. You can also verify it by uploading a scanned copy of the voter ID or a photo of the voter ID. The AI-based OCR for reading voter ID cards can scan the voter ID details and verify them with the details in the central database. Entering the EPIC number seems like the easy option to get results quickly.

Apart from checking the validity of the client, the information accessed by the API can help retrieve data. It can also cross-check the information provided by the individual. The digitalization of the verification process can save time and effort. With no manual process involved, you can get verified details from the central database without any room for error. The verification of voter ID details complies with the government regulations suggested.

Applications Of Voter Verification API

With no manual process involved, voter card verification API has zero chances of returning error results. The data obtained from the user gets checked against the government system. The API returns the results that you can print. The high accuracy of the API can make it suitable for various situations:

·         Act as a verification of the identity of a registered voter.

·         Get proof of individual details like date of birth and address.

·         Get verified to access various government schemes.

·         Avoid electoral fraud to improve the electoral roll efficiency.

But, to get the benefits, you must access the API from a reputed platform. A feature-rich API can help your business by providing the services needed by the customers.

Get the Best Voter Card Verification API From A Reputed Source

Connect with the experts at Softcare Infotech to get the best Voter ID Verification API India services. You can install the API into your existing platform to provide verification services to your customers. Softcare Infotech has become one of the leading B2B solution provider companies in India. The customized and cost-effective services offered will meet your business demands. Here are the features offered when you seek professional API services.

·         Best Services

Softcare Infotech tries to deliver top-notch services to its customers. The expert team ensures you get high-quality APIs to meet your business challenges. The services offered will exceed the expectations of the clients. It has resulted in developing long-term relationships with the clients.

·         Customized Solutions

Softcare Infotech provides customized solutions to every client. The white labels and portals customized using the business logo and name can help increase brand visibility and awareness. It will lead to your business growth.

·         More Profit with The Voter Verification API

While the Voter Verification API has competitive prices, you install it in your existing system to generate profit. The highly secured API avoids fraudulent activity and ensures customers get the best experience. The easy-to-install API can provide the best user experience.

·         Customer Support

A team of experienced API experts develops the API with sophisticated technology to ensure you can access the latest features and functionalities. You get regular updates for the API to ensure it remains the best. Also, the customer support team operating 24x7 can provide the assistance needed for a hassle-free experience.

Do you wish to expand your business horizons by including the best voter ID verification API? Consult the experts at Softcare Infotech to access a range of API services customized to meet your business demands. Expert services at competitive prices can help your company reach greater heights.


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